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Web design

internet & web services

management, design, update, email and hosting services.

Why deal with different people and various companies when trying to get your website or email sorted out? swift computer services can advise, design, redesign, update, configure and manage all your web and email needs whilst still offering an amazingly cost-effective hosting solution. Whether you know what you want or you're starting from scratch, scs will make the whole task as simple and understandable as possible.

web design services

As you would expect, there are some examples of scs web design demonstrated here, some where scs have created the entire package (graphics, colour scheme, words etc) and others where the site owners visions have been translated by scs into a fully functioning website.

Let's not wax lyrical about the process of designing a website, let's just say that the more input you have the lower the cost. For this reason scs do not advertise a fixed-price as that is wholly unrealistic and would need to be inflated to cover all possible options. Instead scs include only what's needed or wanted so you get the very best value for money.

If it's minor alterations, a complete website overhaul or the development of an entire new site, why not get started by ringing the number above?

web hosting & email

Web hosting is the process of making your website and email available over the Internet - basically giving it a home so that others can find it.

For this we can give a couple of fixed prices. Hosting a dot com (.com) domain name costs just 75 per year. A UK (.co.uk) is less at just 60 per year. For a typical small business website either of these two packages would offer everything you are ever likely to need to get it out there and accessible to all. These are not figures just to register the domain name either, oh no, they include webspace, data transfer, mail boxes, mail forwarding, catch all email accounts, site statistics, ftp access, a dedicated management control panel, php, asp - the list goes on and on. However, if like many of our customers you have absolutely no interest in the technicalities then, suffice to say, it is unlikely that you would ever want anything that we would not already be supplying!

And it doesn't stop there. If you choose to not want to get involved with the teccy stuff then you can leave all that to scs: upload your new website, make some minor changes, create a new email account, check the statistics, etc. - all can be covered!

The featured sites to the right are all hosted and maintained by scs and require little more than a phone call from the owners to get any changes or updates made.

website search optimisation

Undoubtedly a dark art. There cannot be many website owners out there that have not been approached by someone offering to 'SEO' their website so it ranks higher at Google or Bing. But how does it all work, what does it all mean and why bother? The answer to the first part of that question is the 'dark art' bit. The latter is all about making better use of the investment you have made in your website - make the site easier to find, get more visitors, earn more money. Simples!

Within the realms of realistic affordability scs will analyse your site, prepare suggestions and tell you what it will cost before you part with a single penny.