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when the manual is just not enough!

More typically, of course, there simply is no manual or it's written in some strange indecipherable language. Just more stuff you have to try and learn when all you want to do is get on with things. Oh, for someone that can just show you what to do!

The number's at the top of the page.

technical expertise

  • Support, help & advice on all types of computer and operating systems
  • Broadband, wireless and email problems solved
  • Lost pictures and documents recovered after system failure
  • Virus and malware removal and prevention
  • General system security

scs expertise goes way, way back to the very early days of the desktop personal computer (pc) during which much has changed, not necessarily always for the better, but modern technology, generally, gets much more done with fewer problems. Perhaps the biggest step backwards is the assumption that everyone knows more and that no-one needs a decent manual. How frustrating do we all find that then?

on-site or remote

From a support aspect, one of the greatest advancements in modern technology is just how easy it is to solve many technical problems without even being in front of the problem computer. Provided the computer is still up and running and able to access the internet then maybe a visit is just not necessary - look on as your troubles are corrected from afar!

We make use of a remote access service called Join.Me (click the link in the right column to read more about it.

If you have need of remote technical support and you have never had scs control your computer before then click this link first and choose the option to 'share your screen with others'. Please note the 9 digit number at the top of your screen before contacting scs.

installation services

New computer, new scanner, new printer, new camera, new broadband installation, new wireless network, new hardware or software; some of the many situations where you are supposed to become the installation engineer! It's almost like buying a new car and you have to put it together yourself first. Strange!

With scs all your installation problems are solved, especially as just following the supplied instructions is not always the best method of getting something working at its best; pre-installed 'free' or trial software comes to mind here.

home media systems

With the rise in popularity of home networking (being able to store and share all your music, pictures, videos etc) with any, and all, of the computers in a household, just finding the most suitable hardware can be quite a challenge. scs will help create and install a solution tailored to meet your needs and expectations - and it needn't cost a fortune either.

and there's more.....

Our services include: virus/spyware removal, system upgrades, repairing and upgrading slow running computers, wireless services, data back up, server work, networking, diagnostics, and much more. A website without a million pages of potentially boring text cannot hope to cover all the possible times you could want help and support. When you have a specific issue why not call, text or email and find out what scs could do for you?