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computer terms

repairs & upgrades

you don't always need to buy a new one!

Let's be honest, unreliability is almost a thing of the past. As manufacturing processes improve so does the life of the products they produce. The majority of latter day system failures and the dreaded go sloooooooooooow are most likely the result of the many 'useful' programs finding their way onto your computer over time, usually via one of the never-ending updates a modern computer is subjected to. On top of that it seems we all have to contend with malware - programs designed to misbehave and make life difficult.

Prevention or cure, sometimes there's a choice. However, if a warning box that suggests you part with some money over the Internet has become a bane in your life, see that number at the top? Call it!

repair & upgrade service

For the most urgent repairs scs offer a full on-site repair service. However, as this is not the most cost-effective way of getting something fixed, due to the relatively unknown labour costs, scs offer a free collect and return service. Naturally this is subject to the distance travelled, but if you're anywhere within, or close to, the Wigton, Keswick, Cockermouth triangle the service is currently free.

Upgrades are slightly different, apart from the most long-winded jobs, such as installing a new operating system which can take an age, the majority of upgrades can quickly and easily be carried out on-site which scs are equipped and ready to go.

restore & refresh

It's amazing just how much performance can be restored to an aging computer just by completely refreshing the system. This may require restoration from the original backup discs or from absolute scratch, but once all that junk is removed it can be like getting a new computer!

And it doesn't cost the earth either.